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1st Week of School

August 28, 2017

August 20th-27th, 2017: I, so, love these 4! They are growing up so fast. My oldest is in 6th grade, 2nd oldest is in 4th grade, 3rd is in 3rd and last child is in 2nd grade. My 2 older girls came out with make-up on and I was not having it. 😉 I made them take it off but the lipstick seemed to stay.Of course I had to go to all of the girl’s classrooms to take their picture. My oldest was so embarrassed! You think she would be used to us embarrassing her by now.

While the kids are in school, I have time to go out and exercise!  As most of you know… I have taken a few months off of running (I have ran a small handful of times but I shouldn’t have). I have been so discouraged and I just want to be able to start training again. The 1st day of school, my friend, Rachelle, asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride. We rode around the lake and came home 2 1/2 hours later (about 40 miles). It kicked my butt! I am so out of shape but it felt good. I was able to get a swim in and use the stationary spin bike. I did run about 3-4 miles total this week. Thanks to Rungum for helping along!

We had our 1st cross country meet on the 2nd day of school (Wednesday). It was pre-region. It is fun to see where everyone is at and then at the end of the season coming back to see how much everyone has improved. On both sides (males and females) did not disappoint! They ran so well. The boys are so fun to watch as they run in a pack. They look strong! The girls came out and surprised all of us with their determination and drive to do well.

We had our 2nd meet at the Payson invitational… I love this meet. It is a night race under the lights. We had a couple of division 6A schools there… our thinking (as coaches) was to let the 6A schools run their race and we would compete with the other schools. Our athletes surprised us on all races (JV and Varsity boys and girls) and raced so well. They took 2nd in all categories as a team except our JV girls took 4th (still very pleased about that). It was fun watching the runners race with determination and competitiveness. I know this is just the beginning of the season so we are hoping for no injuries, to staying healthy and to keeping their drive for competing going.

Jamie, Greg (the 2 English guys) and I hiked up to the Hot Springs. It was about 5 miles total (up and back down). Corom wasn’t able to come because he had to go back to work now that school started. It has been a fun summer with him home.


On Saturday, I had the opportunity to help (in a small way) Zu-wire fitness (our local gym) with a 5k race. It was for a little 3 year old, Levi, who was accidentally run over and killed. Levi’s family (whom I barely even know) has shown more love for those around them in this tragic time of theirs than what I could even imagine. They are truly amazing and great examples to everyone around them and they immediately dove into service and bringing the community together. I know they are struggling immensely but are trying to do what Levi would want them to do. Great examples to all!

My girls, Corom and Jamie ran the race and had a good time doing it. I helped at the finish line and worked the timing system. I was able to watch with somber feelings, Levi’s mom, dad and his siblings hug everyone that came across the finish line and place medals around the runners necks.

We had the HS cross country team come and “race” this event to show their love and respect for family and community. We didn’t get home from our meet last night until 10 and these HS kids got up at 6ish to be at the gym to support by 6:45 a.m. They did treat it as a recovery day but I love these kids and what they stand for.

Saturday night, Corom and I, went to the Southern Boil at the Clarion Gardens (the catering place I work at) for dinner. The Fullmer’s and Levitt’s came with and we had a fun night.of course we dressed for the occasion… some dressed up more than others… 😉 Esther won the most dressed up award. Her hair was awesome! Always good food there! Thanks Carters! The night before (Friday), Corom, Jamie and Mike went and caught all the crawdads for the southern boil. Jamie was unable to go with us because he was leaving for a couple of days so Corom decided to make him dinner (before we both left). The girls had fun with their friends and decided to do a sauna in their bathroom.. and then I had to throw in a pic of a beautiful rainbow from earlier. 😊 Sunday was great… we had 4 families over for dinner, went to church (I am now working with the 3 and 4 year olds and not in the RS presidency), and just hung out at the house. I worked at the Clarion this past week, subbed a math class for the high school… which by the way… math was my worst subject in school, and did my normal everyday stuff (family time, coaching, work, church, etc).

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  1. I love seeing your updates. Hilarious that the girls came out with makeup on to go to school. The other day Mary insisted on putting on make up as I was getting ready for work. She still had it on when I picked her up at daycare. A tad embarrassing for a 2 year old! How wonderful that Corom was home with you all summer. I am sure the girls loved it!

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