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2nd Half of March-The Effects of the Coronavirus

March 25, 2020

Things are getting more serious with the spread of the coronavirus around the World. We have been praying for everyone to be able to get through this. We are doing what we can to keep our social- well, let’s say physical distancing. It has been hard but it has also been so good for us to spend quality time with each other as a family.

The rest of March went a little slower than the 1st couple of weeks in March. But we are still doing our school work, lunch, PE, finish schoolwork and an activity every day. The girls really look forward to the afternoon activities. We each have a day throughout the week where we get to choose the activity of our choice.

Monday 23rd: My day to choose the activity: Obstacle Course (we actually added words on to the video we made of our obstacle course to use it for a young women church video).

We did our PE time at 10 this morning. It was a nice morning so I had the girls ride their bikes alongside my 8-mile run. They made me push a little harder during this supposedly easy run! My youngest made a little fort for her school work time.

Tuesday 24th: My oldest chose the activity: Ride in the back of the truck and then Corom let the 3 older ones “drive” a little straight away in a parking lot. They thought that was the coolest thing.

I started off with an 8-mile run… then helped the girls with homework. My youngest broke down today. She was frustrated with the math and then her reading. It was hard for me to help her as well. Sometimes I feel like I am failing as a mom and “teacher”. I felt bad because she is missing school and her friends.

For PE we went to the track and the girls ran laps, bleachers and jump roped.

Wednesday 25th: My 2nd was in charge: A bathroom challenge-Who could stay in the longest and completing the different challenges while in the bathroom. It started off with 4 eggs hidden around the bathroom. The person who was not able to find one was out. That was me. The 2nd challenge was to use the egg you found and smash it on the top of your head. The next challenge, to smear the egg all into your hair. Finally, letting our dogs into the bathroom to hang out. Yep… pretty much everyone was out. Our dogs are outside dogs, so having 2 160lb & 210lb dogs in a small space didn’t go over too well. Pretty funny to watch.

I had a speed workout today. I went out early so I could make it back in time to help the girls get school started. After school work, we went to the indoor facility to play a game of football and run for a little while. It was too cold to do PE outside.

Thursday 26th: My 3rd was in charge of the activity tonight: A cooking contest with cake mixes. We had to get into 2 teams. She had a few different bowls for each step we had to take in cooking. The 1st bowl had different size mixing bowls to work with. The next bowl had a few different mixing utensils (a knife was one of the options… neither of the groups chose that one). Then we had to pick what flavor of cake mix we were able to use. Then, of course, the next bowl was items to put into the cake batter. One group picked peaches and chocolate chips. The other group picked Oreos and pears. Corom and I were the judges. My oldest and youngest made the best-looking cake and our 2 middle daughters, made the better tasting cake (strawberry flavor with peaches and chocolate chips).

I went out early for my 8-mile run, came home and got ready. While the girls were working on their school work, I ran to the Clarion to help make lunches for the teachers and hospital workers… we then went to the indoor facility again to play a game of soccer when I got back. It was cold and rainy today. This weather makes it so hard!

Friday 27th: My youngest chose the activity: We all had to walk the plank, then we went hot tubing and had s’mores. Our friend, Jeff, has a hot tub so we were able to take the girls there for a little while.

I went out for an easy 8 miles then we had a dentist appointment for my 3rd daughter. They are only taking emergency cases and of course, we fell into that category. Shortly after we came home, a big fight broke out between my girls. So I yelled at them, had them put their shoes on and take 3 laps around the Jr. High. 😂 That did the trick. My 2nd daughter and I went to the Clarion to help with meals they were making for the community. She stayed on top of dishes while I helped package the meals.

Saturday 28th: Corom’s choice of an activity tonight: We went to the school for a mini workout and then he took us through a meditation round. I was actually pretty impressed that our girls were able to sit through the 15 min meditation. It was so peaceful.

I went out for 15 mile run with a 6 mile tempo in that 15. I felt good today. The girls helped with organizing the cupboards and then worked on crafts today.

Sunday 29: Today was an amazing Fast Sunday. We began our fast last night and continued into today until the mid-afternoon. My girls have only fasted for breakfast but decided they wanted to break their fast when Corom and I did.  Our Prophet, President Nelson, asked that members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints around the World and all others of different faiths to hold a special fast for everything that is going on with the Coronavirus- Covid-19. To fast for emotional, physical, mental and financial needs for all those around the World. It was an amazing experience and neat to know that so many others all over would be doing the same thing. I felt at peace and I know that things will be OK. The girls worked on art projects today and we just lounged around the rest of the day.

Monday 30: My turn for the activity: I decided to do tin-foil dinners. We had fun making them, cooking it, then eating outside. A little too cold outside for my liking but I just stayed near the fire.

I ran an easy 8 miles with my friend Kim. It was nice to meet up with her. The girls and I went to the track today for PE time and the girls did do a little hurdle drill. It only lasted about 10 min. They were done… or in other words, bored. So they just goofed off the next 45 min before we went home.

I staged this running photo… all my distance runners are on a GroupMe chat. Every day, they post a picture of their workout, etc so I decided to send in a picture as well.

Tuesday 31: My oldest chose to go to Soda Retreat and then do some star gazing for her activity. Well, we did go to Soda Retreat but it was too cloudy to see the stars. Another night.

I ran an easy 8 with Beth and Amber then went home to start our new norm. My kids were tired of the routine today… a few more breakdowns during school work and not as much cooperation. I found my oldest hiding in the tire because she did not want to run. Pretty clever. The 2 middle girls were fighting but today, I didn’t care as much either. We didn’t stay as long. I let them walk home to finish up being outside (just to be away from home for a little longer). I saw a couple of my distance runners… oh I miss them.

Now that this day is over… on to April and getting ready for April Fools!! 😂

My running for the past 2 weeks:


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