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Toliet Overflow…

August 15, 2013

So I went to a church activity (LDS Faith) this evening and I brought my kids with me (they had a few young women there to babysit for the ladies that needed a babysitter… my husband had to work late tonight). Everything was going well, the other ladies and I were laughing, talking, just having a great time. Well out comes one of the babysitters (we were having a “picnic” out in the pavilion outside the church building while the girls were watching the kids in the “nursery” room). She looked a little frantic… I just thought, “Oh great… what did my kids do now?” The girl said,”We have a big problem, one of the kids clogged the toliet and the water won’t stop.” I got up with a few other ladies and went into the nursery room. Sure enough the water was streaming out of the toliet, coming out of the bathroom… with some particles that I won’t get into. It was bad. After we finally cleaned it all up (which to my surprise we were all laughing and joking around, and I think we bonded in a weird sort of way) I loaded my kids into the car. At that point no one knew who it was and they said it didn’t matter. I had to know so I turned around and asked my kids who did it. They were quiet for a moment and my 3rd child said in a small voice, “It was me.” She felt so bad and was concerned that she ruined the “play” room in church. My 2nd child then said it was her fault to because she went in right after and noticed the toliet didn’t completely flush and flushed it again… that is when the real damage happened… I couldn’t help it… I started to laugh. So sorry my bonding “Poop” ladies… it was my kids who did it! Don’t hate me… I know that it was not a very fun thing to do. So thank you!

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  1. Julie permalink

    What a fun night. First time to a RS activity and I enjoyed every minute of it. :o) Good times!

    • That was the 1st time? You need to come every time… you were the life of the party, well at least in the nursery room you were! 🙂

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