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Typical Morning!

August 19, 2013

It wouldn’t be a normal morning if this didn’t happen…

Or this…

That’s my youngest and her arm is stuck in the lid of our new fish tank…

She was trying to reach for our new pet… Their crawdad.

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  1. JENN. I am loving this. I love that you are posting about the craziness of being mom and not painting it picture perfect. Reading yours makes me want to start blogging again. I love the picture on this post. As soon as I saw it, I thought, “Yep, that’s my day!” Then read the title: ‘Typical Day’. Totally relate. Same on the Walmart post. BUT JENN!!! I ONLY HAVE TWO!!!!!! Anyhow, it’s cute to see Corom thinking about you and working on this if there is a spare moment during the day. Its lookin’ good!

    • I am so glad Corom started this for me! It has been a lot of fun. I am not a journal writer, so this is perfect becuase it only takes a few minutes to write something down! And believe me, after today… I could have said a lot more!!! 🙂 Thanks for sending a message.

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