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Race Day – Cedar Express Relay

August 24, 2013

It is a beautiful morning, we are high up on the mountain top. Rachelle, Ericka, Kelli, and I are ready for this awesome 31 mile relay race…



This was an awesome yet tough course! We were down a runner (we were supposed to have 5 on our team, but one runner couldn’t make it). Rachelle and I picked up an extra leg.


My 1st run was 3.04 miles and I ran a 17:41 (it was an aided run), my 2nd run was 3.1 miles and I ran a 20:39 (this leg was tough… 2 major steep hills), and my last run was a 2 mile run and I ran that in 13:49 (that also had a 1 mile uphill and then it flattened out to the finish). My legs were shot for the last run. The others girls were so fast and we all had short runs similar to the ones I had so there was less recovery time.



This next picture is Kelli and I shocked with how well some guy ran… He ran a 22 min 4.5 mile run. It was amazing!!! Everyone was shocked!

We battled between 2nd and 4th through the first half and then pulled away from the 3rd team on our last legs. The girls on the team rocked it! We finished strong at 2nd overall with a all men’s team (with 5 runners) 1 min and 10 sec ahead. It was a blast!!!



We were way tired…





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  1. Tara permalink

    OH I would have loved to have been there as the sub! If only I had that motor home…
    Nice work ladies!!

  2. Tara permalink

    Hey! I thought this was Rachelle’s blog for a second! Lol. Jen, on my way to get Rachelle, I would also pick you up in a little motor home so we can go and run races together:) It was fun seeing you at Hobble Creek, nice work!

  3. Stephanie Ringel permalink

    Looks Like Yall Had Fun!! Nice Job!

    • Steph… come join us when we do these… I think you would like it because I know you like to hurt during a workout! 🙂

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