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Morning Run

September 5, 2013

I got up at 4:45 am to meet up with the people I help train. They are so dedicated and determined with their running! I love meeting up with them because it helps me to stay motivated in my own running. (Melissa and Scott) hit their marks every time with their repeats and at one point one wanted to give up, but didn’t. Truly amazing! After they were done, I went with them on their mile and a half cool down. They stopped and I continued on to do a solo run. I was out for about 5 min and I ran into Mac and Aubrey… Oh I was so happy because I would have turned around a lot sooner if I were by myself. I ended up running a total of 52:43.98 min. (I probably would have ran for 35 to 40 min if I were by myself.) 🙂 I felt good, but I am really (sleep) tired! I stayed up way too late last night (my friends Camille, Michelle and Ingrid came over and hung out, but it was nice to talk and eat). Overall it was a good run.

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  1. Scott C. permalink

    Jen, I really felt like this workout will help me to finish strong at the end of a race! Thanks for not mentioning that it was me that wanted to quit. I did ice my knee like you said and it does feel much better now! Thanks for the great workout!

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