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Downhill Mile Repeats…Ahhhh!

September 11, 2013

This is the hill I ran down for my mile repeats (it is actually .94, so almost a mile). Most people around here know it as Harry’s hill (or Heartbreak). I started off with a 10 minute warm up. Then I raced down the hill (pretty steep in some areas). My 1st one was a 4:34. I felt good! I ran slowly back up to the top (it took 8 min to get back up) and then ran an additional 30 sec to run on flat ground. I then took another 30 sec rest/breather before I started my next one. The 2nd “mile” (.94) was a 4:28. My feet felt a little hot on this one. I was happy to have gone faster the 2nd one. It took 8 min to get back up, another 30 sec jog and a 30 rest. The 3rd one: my legs were burning from the start. I told myself that if this one was my fastest time then I would not have to run another… so I picked up my speed. My feet were now on fire, my quads and calfs were burning… I didn’t think I was going to do it. I hit the finish line and looked at my watch. It read 4:25! I was so happy because I was done with my work out. I struggled to run back up (it took 8:15 min to get to the top). I then continued to run for another 7 min for more of a recovery. I ran a total of 56 min and 8+ miles. I am so grateful for my neighbor Stephanie for watching my 2 younger ones so I could do this work out! It felt nice to get out of the house and run.

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