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My Afternoon Run

September 14, 2013

After the cross country meet, lemonade stand and helping new neighbors move in, I finally went for a run. I wasn’t really feeling it today so I went really slow and went out for 27 min… It was a good day to turn around!

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  1. Mary Williams permalink

    Started the beginner runner workout on Saturday. I did really well. Easy to do. I did not push it because I wanted to see how I would feel after. Great. My legs are really strong. Just have to work on the endurance. I did 75 jumping jacks first, did the run, then 200 squats, 2 X 50 situps, 50 push ups. I have a routine I do every day regardless of what exercise I do; Jumping jacks, squats, situps, push ups, lunges, and chair step ups.
    Cathy and I have been working out regularly so I know that is helping.
    So, this is exciting. I will keep you posted.

    • Mary… that is great. I changed the dates on the beginner workouts to read week 1, week 2, etc. thanks to you! I realized it would be better to have it that way so it is easier to follow for those that are looking on for the 1st time. Thanks Mary!!! Let me know if you have any questions or anything.

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