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October 2, 2013

I am sitting down for the 1st time today and it is 9:03 pm. It feels good! I cleaned house and then picked up my kindergartener from school. My good neighbor Stephanie watched my girls and I had the opportunity to go to lunch with my friends Rachelle Wardle and Carina. I actually met Carina for the 1st time today. We both have the same goal of trying to break 3 hours in the marathon this weekend. It was nice being able to visit and talk. I came home and went to a friend’s house (Nancy) and helped watch her kids. My kids love going there and playing. Her kids are so good! I, then had scouts. We worked on the artist badge.

Of course the girls wanted to join in:


After scouts my 3rd child had her soccer game (I coach). It was a very interesting game!!! This is preschool age kids… The coach from the other team approached me and said he will call fouls on any of the kids. I thought to myself ok great, how much harm could a preschooler do. Well one of the kids from the other team was quit the player. He went ahead and kicked the legs out from one of my little boys and then later couldn’t catch another little boy from dribbling down the field. So he went ahead and kicked him in the back… You better believe I called a foul! I was warned about this team from a couple of other coaches but I shrugged it off because they are preschoolers. I thought they (the other coaches) were exaggerating their soccer experience, but they weren’t! I’m not going to lie… It was very entertaining. We came home and had dinner, did homework and then the girls went to bed. A babysitter came over and I went to a neighbors to help them move. They have until tomorrow to move out… I don’t know if that will happen!

Candy (my other neighbor) and I cleaning the house… We had a good time together chatting away! That was my day in a nutshell. My kids were great today!
I did miss a cross country meet today! I am way bummed about it!!! They did really well. The other coach said there were about 15 schools that came. Our girls and our guys took 1st for teams. I was told that our top guy took first overall and our next guy took 3rd and 4th. Our top girl took 2nd overall. I am sad I missed it! But today it was one of those days I couldn’t make it work with Corom having to work late! Anyway… Have a good night!

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