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St. George Marathon!!!! And The After Party!

October 5, 2013

I did it!!! I broke 3 hours in the marathon! My time was 2:54.22! Lets start from this morning…I woke up this morning and I felt good (a slight headache but with a few ibuprofen in my system it cleared that up). I slept well, especially with all my kids in the same room. We left the house by 5 this morning and up the canyon we went…

It was cold this morning but a perfect weather running cold! At 6:45 am we were off… I felt okay the 1st half. To be honest I didn’t think I was going to do it (break 3 hours). I had to take a bathroom break at mile 12 and I never pee during a race (well I have once during a race). I have been very fortunate/blessed in that category… Well except for today. 🙂 When I got to mile 13 I was at a 1:29.34. I ran with these 2 for a big chunk of the race and oh was it so nice and helpful…

I tried something new during this race that helped tons…

I have never taken a Gu during a marathon. I survived solely on the gatorade, water, bananas and oranges they have throughout the aid stations in the past years. Thanks to all my running friends who have taught me the “importance” of Gu! I had 3 throughout the race. Mile 8, 16 and 23! At mile 14 or 15 something just clicked and I felt good! I was a little nervous that I would crash the last 3 to 4 miles, but I still felt like I had to go with how I felt with 11 miles still to go. I started to get a little ahead of my “2:58” goal. I got to mile 18 and there was an angel there waiting for me!!!

Rachelle Wardle was a Major Help to me today!!! Even if I wanted to slow down, I wasn’t able to with her there. 🙂 She talked to me, sang to me, encouraged me, etc. the entire last 8 miles. She held a great pace and I just had to follow! Our last 3 miles were under 6:10s. I will admit, the last straight away to the finish line was forever long. My legs began to feel heavy and I realized how tired I was at that point. But I finished with an 8 min PR (personal record) in the marathon with a time of 2:54.22. I took 15th overall in the women, 5th in my age group and 1st in Utah County (which I won $100). My pace was a 6:39. I am stoked! Now I can quit… J/K.
I also couldn’t do it without these 3 and I truly mean this… It was probably the biggest help of all…

The Fullmer family (Amy and her 2 kids) watched our kids for Corom and I. My kids love them and I don’t worry one bit about my kids (I worry my kids will be too hyper or too grumpy for them but I know they are taken care of). So no stress goes towards my kids and their safety! Thanks sooo much Amy and kids for your help!!! Also my mother-in-law:

Sarah just ran a huge PR. She ran a 4:42.39. Her best before was a 5:18! This was her 28th marathon. Amazing!!! All my friends (and I am sorry if I miss putting your name down) Mac, Aubrey, Amber, Julia, Josie, Ericka, Tawney, Carina, Tifany, Kelly, Melanie, Kim, Beth, Jasmine, (and all the guys, too), etc. all ran PR’s. It was exciting seeing everyone coming in and doing well!!! Good job everyone!


We saw injuries along the way and at the finish line, but everyone (that I saw) fought through it:

And then there was my husband Corom and our friend Mike Fullmer… They both came in at 4:41. They did not train at all for this and still pulled it off! Pretty impressive…. Until I found them treating a bathtub like a hot tub. Doesn’t surprise me though!

The girls goofing off while we were waiting for Corom, Sarah and Mike…



The girls playing in the gutter while we were waiting for Mike and Amy to return (Mike lost his car keys on the run somewhere :().

We went to In-N-Out for lunch… It was delicious and I think half the marathoners were there.


We came back to the house and now we are relaxing and/or goofing off.:


I am a little sore now… It is 5 pm… But not as sore in the years past. It is amazing what a little training and miles will do for you! 🙂


This is the after party at the house…

We (the Fullmers, Booths, G-goat and us) played hiding go seek (after priesthood session). Rules are… No lights except for the hallway. Talk about freaky… My 2nd child and I were it. Once you found someone they had to come with you. I turned the hall light on so you can see the picture better…

Mike Fullmer was the last one hiding and it took all of us a good while trying to find him. He was hiding in a little closest and if course I am the one that opened it. I screamed and I am not kidding almost peed my pants. I ran out… The sad thing was, I was expecting to see him in there but it still shocked me. Fun times… Now the girls are in bed and it is ice cream, pie and movie time for us! 🙂

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  1. Scott C. permalink

    Loved reading this!!! 6:10 min/miles for the last 3 miles is very impressive!!! I want to hear Rachelle sing! lol Fantastic…..race well ran, Jen!!!

  2. Julia H permalink

    Jen–you are seriously incredible! What an amazing time!!!! You dominated that second half! When shell told me your time at 24.5 it was just the inspiring boost I needed. You are such an inspiration to me and just such an incredible person and runner. So grateful to call you a friend! Thanks for the shoutout! You are far too kind:) yesterday was a great day!!

    • I am sooo impressed with your time!!! That is a major PR! You ran so well and I am way excited for you. We all need to sign up for Boston now! Thank you for everything. You are truly an amazing person and I am so glad you moved out here! Rachelle helped me out so much with the last 8 miles. I was able to focus on other things than the last 8 miles. 🙂 I don’t know if that makes sense or not!

  3. Toby permalink

    Way to go Jen! That is so freakin’ fast and such a great accomplishment! Double kudos for Rachelle 🙂

  4. Melody permalink

    So proud of you. I knew you could do it! Amazing performance.

  5. Thanks so much you guys! Everything just fell into place that day and just clicked.

  6. Jen, you’re amazing!! Thanks for your awesome example, knowledge, and encouragement!!

    • Stephanie… you are too nice. I couldn’t do it without you! You help watch my kids so I can do this!

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