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My Day in a Nutshell…

October 15, 2013

After my run and dropping kids off to school, I went and helped my friend Faith pack up and move boxes.

After I picked my 3 younger children up, I was able to go to lunch at that new Mexican place here with some good friends of mine. (To be honest with you, I go there at least 3 times a month and get a burrito to go… So good!) it was good seeing you Woodland Hill ladies!
I came home and a friend of mine (Camille and her 3 younger children) came over to hang out while I cleaned. I have to get things organized because tomorrow we are getting a Foreign Exchange student here. We hung out for about an hour and then I had to leave for cross country practice. We are setting everything up for Region (finals) tomorrow. We had a great pep talk and then an easy run for the kids (with a few strides after their run).

(Above is the motivational pep talk and below we were out on the course setting up and running it. I brought my oldest with me and she helped me put flags around while driving the gator…



After practice a few of the moms prepared a dinner for the cross country kids and for us coaches and our families. It was so good and very generous!!!


I felt bad because Corom and I had to hurry out (eat and run). Our 2 older daughters had soccer games tonight. It was their last ones of the season. But I did have to stop and take this beautiful picture…

(I tried finding a picture of me as a joke but it was taking to long… :)) K back to soccer…


Corom took the 3 younger girls with him to scouts and I took my oldest with me after her game was over to my football game. I didn’t have time to change so I threw on my jersey and cleats and kept my jeans on.


We played well… We did lose, though. I made a touch down and another teammate of mine did. The other team did complain about me wearing jeans. They said it was an unfair advantage… I don’t know how because running in jean pants is not the most comfortable and a little restraining… Oh well, if we play that team again, I just might have to wear them again. 🙂

We finally came home and put the kids to bed, unsuccessfully. It was way past the girl’s bedtime and they struggled going to bed. Corom and I were losing our patience but who doesn’t? 🙂 We had a lady come over around 8:45ish to give us our orientation to have a foreign exchange student… This will be fun!!! Hopefully it will be fun for her. I told Corom this will be good for us to be in check with all our dumb arguments… Hopefully! 🙂 Good night!

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