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Cross Country Region…

October 16, 2013


Today was the cross country regions (finals)… The JV girls and Boys raced extremely well. We even had one of our top JV runners (hoping to make varsity for state) get trampled and pop back up like nothing happened and continue his race. One if our guys took 1st overall in the JV race.


Our varsity runners also ran well!!! I loved seeing the kid who is yawning up above at the starting line! When you yawn at the starting line of any race it shows that you are relaxed nervous… That probably doesn’t make any sense but it means that you have things in control and your ready to go. Anyway our girls placed 3rd overall as a team and our top female placed 3rd overall in region. It was great to watch her finish strong.

Our Varsity guys placed 1st out of the teams and 4 of our guys placed in the top 9! It was so fun to watch. Our top guy passed the guy ahead of him with about a 400 (1 lap around the track) to go… So he took 1st in region! He looked so strong with his finish!

I believe almost everybody (Varsity and JV) ran their PR today. They were pretty happy.

Corom took a break from work to take our 3rd daughter to her soccer game. She played well and had fun. He dropped the girls off at the meet (we were doing the awards when they came). After we left with our new foreign exchange student. My girls were so excited!!! This will be fun for us to have her stay at our home for the school year.

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  1. Kailey showed me your website and I love it. It’s fun to see what she’s doing at practice. You really are an amazing coach! Thanks for all you have done for her this season. She has learned so much from you. It is also a huge comfort to her that you have been through the things she’s going through. Thanks again, Kristy

    • Thanks Kristy! I can honestly say that the high school kids have taught me more and motivated me more than I have them. I love coaching and I am so glad that I am able to help Kailey out. I really was so discouraged with my running during my junior year and it was hard. I feel for Kailey because I know what she is going through. I hope I am helping her and she keeps going strong because I gave up and I don’t want her too. She has so much talent and there is so much more for her to give. She probably can’t see it (at this point) but I can!!!

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