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Close Encounter With Our Run

October 30, 2013

I met up with Rachelle, Amber and Julia this morning. We went on a loop that is about 5 miles long. We were running a nice easy pace, enjoying each others company. (Rachelle is tapering for her race this weekend and so we all decided to taper with her.) We were about 2 1/2 miles into the loop when a car was coming towards us. No big deal… We are always running in traffic (some of us runners are more decked out and prepared with the vests and lights, etc.). Well as this car was getting closer, we realized the person did not notice us. We were on part of the gravel off the side of the road and yet this car was still coming at a faster speed than the speed limit and coming straight at us. We all stopped in our tracks and stood there to wait until the car passed. It kept coming straight at us (this was all within 20 to 30 sec)… We all had to jump out of the way into a little ditch… Poor Amber had the hardest fall into the ditch but we were all a little shaken up over the situation. Julia and I finished off with 5.3 in about 44 to 45 minutes (our times were all a little off because of the car incident…). The other 2 went for another mile. I had to get back home to help get the kids and Z (our Foriegn Exchange student) get ready for school. She is asking a boy to a ladies choice dance, so we are helping her with how she is asking him…


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