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October 31, 2013

K… I am a freak about trick or treating!!! I have my whole night planned! We went to the high school and sent the cross country kids off on a 6 mile run… Corom showed up…

We then took our kids around the high school for their trick or treating…


Next we came to the city trunk or treat…

We are not done…
We went trick or treating around the neighborhood…


Then we hit up our trunk or treat for our ward/church. After we had dinner at the church…



Then we ended up in Woodland Hills for more trunk or treating…

One of the girls broke a glow stick in the car. It looks pretty cool!

Last we stopped off at another neighbor hood and hung out with some friends…Their daughter (I coach her in cross country) and a few other girls and Z took our girls out even more door to door… What a night! We did carry 2 extra bags to collect candy for a couple of neighbor kids that could not go out this evening… So we did make a quick stop there. We didn’t get home until 9:30. I do love Halloween but I am tired! 🙂
During this entire day, Corom was playing his character pretty well!

I guess he helped direct traffic for the cross country kids today, he escorted high school kids to their destination (he was on my scooter today driving around), he did bag snatching prevention, and on and on… It was funny all day and the kids at all ages loved it (and even the adults)! 🙂

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