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Ragnar!!! Here We Are!!!

November 8, 2013

Las Vegas Ragnar… Another year with the Nevernudes!!!

We do have the Co-Founder, Tanner Bell, on our team! He is fitting right in with our team. Yes that is him in the blue man suit…

Kelly Southwell ran first. She was cruising down the hill. She looked great…

Corom ran 2nd… (It was pretty funny that it was a little quieter when he was out running. Strange!)

Tanner Bell was next (the 3rd leg). I don’t know how he did it, but he ran 5.5 miles in the blue man suit! He, too, was cruising down for his leg…


Tanner handed off to Ryan Southwell. Ryan’s leg was a non-support leg, so we were not able to stop and give him water or take pictures. He is a good solid runner and he is also the one who makes all the Ragnar videos. Pretty amazing.

Ryan then handed off to me. (This is a 2nd leg picture of me because my 1st leg was 9.4 miles on the freeway, so it was a non-support leg. They couldn’t take pictures.) I ran a 6:28 pace, coming in at 1:00.54. I felt good until I finished and then my left bum cheek started hurting again. We will see what the next leg brings…

These next 2 pictures are fun pictures with Kelly and I…


Mark Lovell finished off our van 1. He did awesome and came flying in to hand off to van 2. Our team did really well!

Van 2 runners…(Z-van 1 our Foriegn Exchange student, Amber Dunford- van 2, Rachelle Wardle -van 2, Corom – van 1, Josh Wright -van 2, and Julia Hubbarb was out running – van 2)…

On the other side of the sidewalk is Ryan & Kelly (bending over) Southwell -van 1, Damon Chamberlain (he made it to the Olympic Trials for steeple chase back when he was in college) – van 2, Tim Hubbard -van 2, and then Tanner Bell – van 1.

Van 2 rocked it! They were way fast and didn’t give us the break we were hoping for. 🙂 While they were running we went out to eat at a Greek restaurant.

It was a blast with our team… We had so many people come up to us and ask if we were the Nevernudes, tell us they love our team and they watch the videos all the time, etc. good job Ryan for putting the videos together!!! More random pictures…


My 2nd leg was a 3.2 mile run and I ran it in 19:53… I was racing another guy on another team and was determined to beat him. It was fun and good motivation to run hard. It was weird because my right buttock was killing me but it began to go away the faster I went. I was so relieved when I realized I could go! My leg 3 was 6.8 miles. I ran that in 45:37.79. I felt good!!! This is a picture I took while was running… It didn’t turn out that great but oh well…


Here are a few pictures of van 2… They had a blast together. It was fun meeting up at the major exchanges!





After the race, the entire team went out for lunch! Good food, good times and good company!





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  1. Holy Moly! You were FLYING, lady! Simply amazing. You’re such a gifted runner! way to go. And funny Corom, is still Corom. I love that….looked like you had a fun team!

    • It was a blast! I love running on this team (we run on the same team every year for Las Vegas Ragnar). Corom was the entertainment the entire time! People would follow himaround just to see what he would do next. Corom’s mom is putting a team together for the one in California I believe in April if you are interested… She needs more people. 🙂

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