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Cross Country at the Park

November 13, 2013

I love doing this workout with the high school kids for 2 reasons… 1st reason: it is a great hill workout that we do.


We have a about a quarter of a mile loop for the 1st hill we run. I started them today with the 1st round being 20 minutes of non-stop running. We do a double surge on this loop. 1st surge is along the straightaway and then they surge again (a continuous surge) as they head up the hill. They are tough! They take a recovery at the top and come down easy and then back up for the surge.


After the 20 min they stopped for a 2 minute rest, then a 7 minute light jog around the park, a 1 min rest and then to the 2nd loop. This was a continuous 15 minute run but the loop is about a 600 instead if a 400. I had them run hard up and recover down. They did a 10 min warmup and then a 10 min cool down.
The 2nd reason I like coming here for this workout is because my kids are so good and entertained (I had 3 extra kids for half the practice so this place was perfect).


The kids were great today and had a lot of fun! My kids actually joined in on the workout for a little bit of it. I was proud! đŸ™‚

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