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Much To Do…

November 18, 2013

I took my 3rd in for her yearly doctor checkup at Dr. Fullmer’s office in Payson. We decided to do her kindergarten shots today just so we wouldn’t have to prolong the horrible task. Dr. Fullmer was so great and so were his nurses!

She was so scared to get her shots but we had two nurses come in and calm her down. One nurse did the shots and the other held her and covered her eyes so she couldn’t see it.

The actual shots didn’t hurt her too bad. It was great that the nurse covered her eyes because when the 1st shot was given my daughter didn’t know. She stopped crying after that and just wanted her eyes covered. They did great! We left the doctor’s office and went straight to my kindergartener’s class to help with their testing.

My 2 younger ones played in a little area while I helped walk around…

We ran to the $ store to get stuff for our Cross Country banquet (that is tomorrow night).

My youngest lately has had the hardest time listening and while we were at the store, it wasn’t any different! I was taking the 3 girls and g-goat (my mother in law) out for ice cream but my mother in law ended up taking the 2 older of the 3. I hated doing it but I had to take it away from my youngest… She cried herself to sleep. 😦 That was the worst…


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