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Speed Workout For CC

November 21, 2013

Cross country practice was tough today! They started off with a little over a mile and a half warmup. Then we went on the track for the first time (maybe 2nd) this season…

We were missing a good number of kids today… Half of the runners that are going to California were there, the other half are doing other sports now or I would say lazy but that is not the right word… It was also freezing and snowing. Anyway, back to the workout…

I had them run 1 1000 at 5k race pace, 2 800’s at a little faster than 5k race pace, 3 600’s at 2 mile race pace, and 2 400’s at a fast 400… Give it what they could.

They worked hard and were tired. I actually found this workout in The Runner’s magazine. It was a great article and has great benefits for a race that is a couple of weeks away…

After the workout, they finished off with a little over a mile and a half cool down with stretches inside the school. These are good dedicated kids who work hard. The season is almost over and I know that they are sad about but also at the same time ready for it… That probably makes no sense to any of you. šŸ™‚

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