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A Lone Beautiful Run

November 23, 2013

I ran 13.6 miles on my own in 1:35.46. It was a tough, hilly route. If you knew me, you would understand why I am proud of myself for going that far… πŸ™‚

I finally was able to go out on my morning run at about 9:15 am. Corom came home from his over night scout camp out trip. I set out on the normal “Dairy” loop. I did have to stop at around mile 3 because a big, scary Border Collie dog was in the middle of the road. He would not budge, even when I threw a couple of rocks his way. So I went to a random house and asked the lady that lived there if the dog was mean. The little old lady was so nice. She said, “All you have to say is, Lady, go home, and the dog will go home. Well there went the whole scary dog act. “Lady” went right home when I told her to.

Well I continued on my run. I decided to keep going straight up Harry’s instead of turning for our normal 7 mile loop.

I already ran a little over a mile up hill and decided to do another mile uphill (Harry’s). Then I went on up to Woodland Hills by their mailboxes. Another nice little climb…

I headed towards Elkridge. I turned left to go another 1.8 miles up… I reached the top and I was at 8.1 miles. It was beautiful but extremely windy!

I continued on down, through Elkridge, into Salem and back home. The wind was brutal coming back! I was looking forward to running downhill but the wind made it feel like I was going up again. I ran the whole way with this bottle of XOJO in my hand…

I drank a little before my run, a few sips about every 20 minutes or so through out the run, and finished it off at the end of my run. I felt great the entire run! My legs normally feel very tired, achy and get the lactic acid build up. But on the couple runs that I took this drink on, I don’t feel any of that! I am excited to report back to the company and let them know that I think it is great!

I thought I would have a tough time running on my own but after this run I realized that I miss that time with connecting with myself. This probably doesn’t make sense but to me it does. πŸ™‚ I did miss going on the group run today and it would have been fun but I did this run and I did it on my own! I have never ran this far on my own!!!

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  1. Scott permalink

    Jen great pictures and report of your lone run! I’ll have to try some of that XOJO drink sometime. Are you still pacing for the Thankful13 Half? What time?

    • Honestly the XOJO drink works for me! My legs have not felt achy or tired at all… a little sore but the normal sore. I am pacing the 1:35 group. Are you and Melissa racing it?

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