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Thankful 13 1/2 Marathon

November 28, 2013

I ran the Thankful 13 1/2 marathon today but as a Pacer. Beth Ericksen and paced the 1:35 group. We came in at 1:34.48. It was a 7:15 per mile.

We ran with a pretty great group the entire way. The last mile we urged the people with us to go ahead. It was great and they did great. Probably the best group I have paced!

I was hoping to see my mother-in-law on the opposite side of the trail but she ran a PR of 2:12.24. So I guess you could say it was good not to see her on that little loop. 🙂 I felt great at the end…took a few pictures of the other pacers…

My friend Melissa (that I helped this summer with training and is now running with us when she can) took 1st in the women. She did great! Beth and I took 3rd and 4th overall. That was a nice surprise. 🙂 I also carried my water bottle with XOJO in it, the entire race. I drank some before, during, and after and I felt and feel great! I love this product!!!

I am so glad I ran this. I put in a 10 min warmup before the race and a 15 min cool down… Ran back to find Sarah. (about 16 total). It was a beautiful morning. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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