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Let December Begin!

December 1, 2013

We started our daily Christmas activity. We have a calendar that holds an activity in it each day until Christmas…

I feel like I am more excited about it then the rest of the family… I am a cheese ball that way, though! The 1st activity was to decorate the house…

And to write their letter to Santa Claus (our friend John Patching came over for dinner, dessert and the letter writing. He thought it was pure entertainment all night with the 4 girls)…

The girls came up with some funny stuff… Something to hold on to for sure! Z (our Foriegn Exchange student) was making a dessert while the girls were writing their letters… I told her she, too, has to write a letter to Santa. It was funny though because Corom was inspecting her clean up skills.

Z informed us that she never did any chores at home, never had to clean, or anything because she always talked her mom into doing it… Corom is so good with her… He has a way with getting her to clean things and do things that I would have a hard time telling her what to do. He turns everything into a joke, so she thinks it’s funny and will clean. It has been a lot if fun having her here. Hard at times on both ends but a great experience!!! We treat her like our own… Poor girl. 🙂
While all this is going on, our youngest is bored with writing a letter, so she decides to empty out the bathroom trash… Honestly, what is wrong with our child. She thinks it is funny!!!

I took her dessert away and of course we had some good friends (the Barney’s) stop by with cupcakes… Before I knew it, our youngest had 2 cupcakes that she was shoving in her mouth. I grabbed what I could and threw it away. Yes, everyone was laughing which doesn’t help.

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