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Another Stop, American iPod, then a Nice Run

December 5, 2013

We stopped at a gas station in Barstow, California (I believe) to fuel up. We had some time to hang out for a minute. Lots of the kids and I were checking out their “fresh” fruit… Very tempting…


We could not stop laughing. I was hoping to get it for 1/2 price. 🙂
We then played a game on the bus called “American iPod”. You have your headphones in and turn the music up as loud as you can and sing away. You can’t hear your own voice so you don’t know how you sound. It is sooo funny and embarrassing. We had about 15 kids do it before we ran out if time. I wish I could put them all up but I chose 2…

They were all pretty funny! We got to our hotel and went on an “adventure” run.

We ran down ramps and through parking garages…


We ran over chains and through the bushes…


Down the dirt trail (behind the building) and through the dumpsters…


We finished off with Christmas caroling to a couple of houses…

We ended up running for 45:14… With many stops in-between. It was a blast! Now the coaches and chaperones are off to dinner.

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