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Footlocker Race (My Race & the Kids)

December 7, 2013

As we loaded the bus this morning to head over to Mt. Sac, we noticed a room full of 4 girls were missing. It was 6:45 at the time and my race started at 7:30. I ran upstairs and knocked on their door… Um yeah… I woke them up. We left at 5 after 7. I was able to warm up for 5 min before my race started. We had our freshman/sophomore race 15 minutes after mine started… They were a little nervous! We actually bumped them back into another race but for me I had to go. It went well…

As I stated yesterday, this course is one of the toughest 5k courses I’ve raced (I used to run this course in high school). Very hilly but probably my favorite 5k! (The route we raced was a little shy of a 5k)…

I ran a 18:22 and took 4th. There were some fast runners there. It was fun (once I was almost done :)). It did take me a good mile to get into it but that is when the major hills started. To tell you the truth… I am so glad I ran though. I wasn’t planning on it until the last minute. I ran a total of 60 minutes today. Good run today!


We brought 44 high school kids to this race. I was able to warm up with some of the kids (which was a great shakeout -cool down run for me to loosen up my legs). They all did well. I was pleased with the kids. Many of them ran their PR’s, a few ran through migraines, cramping, sicknesses and injuries. They figured that they came this far that they had to race. It did start raining on a lot of the races but it made it more fun in the mud. šŸ™‚




This young lady (on our team) was looking tired. She was one of the girls that accidentally slept in this morning. I yelled at her that she shouldn’t be tired because she had more sleep than anyone. šŸ™‚ Yeah… We thought that was pretty funny. Last picture is of Z (our Foriegn exchange student) and the other exchange student.

I wish I could put every bodies picture up! Every year we have a tradition of running back to the hotel. Because of the rain this is the only hard core 2 that joined Corom and I…

Oh and of course Corom was up to his usual pranks at the race. Coach Thompson was in this porta-pottie…


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