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Turn Around!

December 18, 2013

So today was one of those days… I know we all have them but it still isn’t fun to have them. I know I was way tired today but I wish that I was not as grumpy as I was, to my kids and Z. All the girls cried and fought a lot today. I feel bad because I had 4 extra kids and they will go home thinking I am a mean mom! Sorry Z and kids! I had to go to my room for a few minutes, ask for help… Well it did get better! I had scouts today. Z (our foreign exchange student) was actually our guest speaker…

The boys came up with good questions and she answered away. After dinner, the girls, Z and I went and drove around the pond to see the lights for our Christmas activity. (The girls had a special treat while we drove the pond.)




We then went to the senior center (nursing home) for my oldest’s 2nd grade class. The teacher had blankets made (in class) and all the kids sang and delivered them to the elderly. The teachers are so good at their elementary school!



We came home, settled in and then we get a knock on our door… (We have a couple of 12 days of Christmas going on). This is what one did tonight. It is a fun, prank one…

As you can see, my day turned around! There are so many great people and so many good things and I need to remember that life is good and my kids are so great! Z has been a blessing in our lives and I am grateful for the bad days so I can love the good even more!

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