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2nd Annual Christmas Run

December 21, 2013

There were about 40+ people that met up this beautiful, snowy morning. (It was very peaceful with the snow coverage and not too many people/cars out.)

We met at Kneaders in Provo and began a fun snow packed run up the trail in Provo canyon.

There were a variety of distances ran, a variety of pace, a variety of many different conversations had, and a variety of costumes worn…


We all had a good time. There were a few slips and falls but nothing to serious. I really, really enjoyed running in the snow today.


I ran a total of 11.6 in 1:36.45. We had a slower pace but were pushing it through in the snow. It was a good work out and I felt great.

Thanks everyone for the fun run (Rachelle W, Mac M, Amber D, Amber A, Jenae-, Jossie T, Ericka, Carina, Melissa T, Scott C, Hawk and Cheryl, and many, many more!!!) Good Times!

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  1. So much FUN!! we need to do this durning the Christmas break.

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