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My Testimony

December 22, 2013

I heard my name… He called my name. I was the 2nd person to be called to go up and speak. My heart started to pound. I turned to my husband and asked, “Did he just call my name?” He smiled and nodded his head. After the first young lady finished her testimony, I stood up and started to walk up to the pulpit. In my head I was praying to my Heavenly Father that I would be able to say what I needed to say. I also was worried that my dress was tucked up in my leggings or something embarrassing…. 🙂 I stood up there, my mind was blank. I took a deep breath and then I began to bear my testimony of the gospel. To be honest… I don’t remember the whole thing, but what I do know is that I love my Savior! I love this gospel; I feel it, I need it, I love it and I try to live it! I have my ups and downs within myself, with my family and with my husband but I know that I (we) can get through anything with our Savior in my life. I (we) couldn’t do it without Him… Nor would I want to do it without Him! I know we all need each other to lean on one another. I have been blessed with so many great friends and family!

So this is how Sacrament meeting went… (Which was great)… After taking the Sacrament, we listened to 5 musical numbers sang by different individuals/groups. It was all so good and it worked out well today because my youngest fell asleep at the beginning of the meeting and slept all the way through. Anyway the last song was sang by the primary (the young children). 3 of my 4 went up to sing. They did so good and were so beautiful up there. They are daughters of God and I am so blessed to have them here with me!!! As I watched them sing, I knew I had to be there for them, to be an example and to help them grow and become the women they can be. After the songs, our Bishop (Booth) stood up and spoke. He is a man of God and bore his testimony that was so great. I love when he speaks because he speaks from his heart. Well then he said he wanted to hear from certain individuals and that is when I heard my name. I am grateful I had the opportunity to go up. I am not that good with sharing how I feel but I do want everyone to know that I love my Savior. The other 5 individuals that were called up did a great job also! I am LDS (a Mormon) and I am not afraid to share it!

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