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The Day Before Christmas Eve

December 23, 2013

I put the girls in their room at 9 this morning and said you can’t get out until it’s clean… I called them out when it was lunch time (at 11:30) and nothing has been touched…

I put them back in their rooms and finally by 2 p.m. they cleaned up their room. It was nice for Z (our foreign exchange student) and I because I was able to start the process of my Greek food making for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner (Z learned how and helped me).


We made grape leaves! 🙂 So good!
I let the girls invite some of the neighbor kids over (when they were finally done with their rooms) and they went out and played in the snow. It was a nice day for them to get out. They started to build a snowman…

We then delivered more neighbor gifts…

Went to another Christmas party…


Drove around The Pond again to see the lights (on Z’s request)..

Then we had our final 12 days of Christmas… The people left such great things! They have made our month!!! Last night they left pancake mix and a spatula… Well today my spatula broke…

Perfect timing! We then made some more Greek food… Z and I worked on the cheese puffs and Corom worked on the sauce for the Gyro’s…


We had a few friends stop off at our house while we were doing this… It was fun hanging out.

Thanks BFF… You brought back elementary, junior high and high school memories of all the other people wearing their BFF stuff and me never getting one. 🙂 This is something I have always wanted.

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