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Christmas Morning

December 25, 2013

5:30 a.m. came around too soon. I told the girls as they all ran into our room that we were not going down for another 1/2 an hour. By the time we got Z (our foreign exchange student) up, we were ready to begin our present opening by 6:15.

We had a $50 dollar limit per child. My great running friends surprised me with taking care of Z! They each bought her a gift… I don’t think they realize how much that meant to Corom and I! Very, very helpful and I love them for who they are and the examples they are to me!!!

Notice our oldest’s hair band… Corom stayed up until 2 in the morning making these for all the girls. They turned out really good!




Everyone received a lot of nice things!!! Thanks to grandparents and friends! We changed things around this year. We had each person open a present up one at a time, unless it was the same gift then they opened it up at the same time. It was fun to see what everyone got and their reactions. It has been a pleasant morning.

Thanks Z for the hat… Corom looks hot in it. 🙂




Grandma and grandpa Hansen got the girls the bracelet looms and bands and little dogs that move around. G-goat gave all the girls their own towels.

The nice thing is… Not too much fighting this morning. 🙂


Our dogs got their bones from Santa. After we made breakfast…

Merry Christmas! Thank you everyone for everything!!!

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  1. Stephanie Ringel permalink

    Sounds Like Yall Had Fun! Merry Christmas!!

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