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Drive to California

December 26, 2013

We finally left at 11 a.m. for our trip to California. We have 2 foreign exchange students with us on this trip… Z, the one living with us, and A, Z’s friend. They are both really excited! It is pretty awesome for Corom and I because the 2 girls have been entertaining our girls. 🙂 We stopped off at McDonalds for some great hamburgers… I wanted to go somewhere else but was out voted.

For this chicken sandwich being on the $ value menu… It wasn’t to bad.
Of course it wouldn’t have been a road trip without being pulled over. Our speedometer doesn’t work so we don’t know how fast we are going…

After small “talk”, and Corom telling the officer that he thought he was only going 70 (not 92 mph), the officer gave back Corom’s license without a ticket and told us to have a nice day. We will! 🙂 For a good couple of hours we were able to see the sun go down… To bad it was right in front of us making it hard to see. It was pretty though…

We had a good chunk of the trip where there was “potty” talk…

The girls have been so good this trip (a lot has to do with A & Z)… Until the last 2 1/2 hours…

We were going to drive all the way through but decided the girls needed to get out (with only an hour an a half left). We stopped off at Taco Bell… My favorite fast food!!! I really do love Taco Bell! We are back on the rode and almost there…

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