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The Events of Today & At Home Doc/Vet Visit!

January 9, 2014

I went to my daughter’s (2nd child-kindergarden) class this morning for the SEP’s (parent/teacher conference). It was good to see what my daughter is doing well in and what she needs to work on.

I, then, headed to Runner’s Corner to have a “heart-to-heart talk with Hawk (the stores owner and well known “Coach”). We went over many of my goals and ways to help me to improve. Very insightful and I am ready to start training again! I will finish off this week with mileage, but starting next week, it will be more planned out.

After a couple of hours I came home, we all hung out for a little while, then I picked up my oldest from school and of course she came out with no jacket.

We then went to indoor track practice (Corom was home with the younger 3)…

As soon as I sent the distance runners off on a run in the snow :), I went with my daughter to her parent/teacher conference. She is doing much better in the areas that she has struggled in!

Corom was working on our van when our just barely 1 year old English Mastiff got hit by a car. “Kitty” (our dog) was then dragged under the guys truck and he said his truck ran over her with his back tire! It is the saddest thing!

Our good friend Mike Fullmer came over (Kitty loves Mike) to pay a “Doctor’s visit”. As soon as he got here Kitty jumped up and came to him. That was a great sign.

Mike is our pediatrician and now our vet! I appreciate him coming over to take a look at her! I hope Kitty is ok!!! 😦

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  1. mtbader permalink

    So sad! Hope your pup feels well soon!

    • I am way sad! My husband is still out there with her… she won’t stop shivering. We have an older female English Mastif and she has been playing the “mother” role. So that also helps. Thank you!!!

      • mtbader permalink

        No problem…hang in there!

  2. Mary Williams permalink

    I am glad it was not serious.I hope she continues to be okay. Keep an eye on her. Some injuries don’t show up for a day or two.

    • Mary… That is what I am afraid of! She looks great this morning, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Thank you!

  3. Poor Kitty. Praying she’s OK!

  4. Are they sick? Hope they’ll get well soon.

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