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Murdoch Trail Run

January 11, 2014

It was a beautiful morning for a long run…

We met up with Runner’s Corner’s group at the Murdoch trail in Provo (about 25 people total, everyone with different paces and different distances they wanted to run). I made it to the “Red Barn” with a group of ladies…

That was the 6 mile point. On the way back Rachelle and I picked up our pace. We ended up going hard for a mile (6:38 pace), then backed off a little for a mile, then a hard 6:30 pace again. My legs were tired from yesterday’s run but it still felt good to push a little. I ran a total of 13.5 miles in 1:42.40.

The people I run with are so motivating and inspiring! I am grateful for a support system.

I came home, hurried and got ready and got the girls ready and went to Corom’s basketball game (he is a coach for a freshman/sophomore city league team). He coaches with Mike Fullmer and Travis Barney.

It was fun to watch… The boys played well!

I was supposed to go to my in-door soccer game but I decided to stay home and hang out with the kids and get things done. They also had enough subs so that helped my decision! I’m bummed now that I’m not there but it is good to slow things down today!

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  1. You are one awesome runner and you really inspire me with your balance in life.

    • You are so nice! I feel the same with you.You inspire me! I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t get out and excercise. You are very positive and uplifting and make working out fun!From the comments I have read on your blog that people have sent, shows to me that you help so many people out! I love reading your blog and may need advice in the near future!!!

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