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January 13, 2014

Well today, I helped in my kindergartener’s class. Every other Monday I go in and help with the testing. I like doing this because then I can see what my child needs help in and where she does well.

I did it for my oldest and will continue to do it for the younger 2. I then did lots of laundry today… I try not to let it get backed up but sometimes (with 4 girls) it gets a little overwhelming!

5 loads of laundry later… I was finally done. The 3 younger girls played really well and I had few interruptions. I then went to indoor track practice.

After their agilities and core workout they split off into their specialties. I took the distance runners. I sent them off on a 7 1/2 mile loop at a moderate pace.

(You can see 2 little specks running towards me :).) The distance runners are lucky because we can run outside during all types of weather conditions. Sprinters have a higher chance of pulling a muscle being out in the cold. Tomorrow will be a nice speed day for them… Nothing to big, just introducing it to them.

I did have to go to a coaches meeting with all the other coaches in our region to figure out our yearly schedule. Now I am home, hung out with the family and am just about to go to bed! Early morning and hard workout!

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