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Hill Repeats

January 15, 2014

I met up with Mac, Aubrey and Holly at 5:15 this morning in 13 degree weather. It was a full moon and gave me some light. 🙂

We started off and ran a 18 minute warmup. Holly continued on with her run and Mac and Aubrey ran 3 out of the 6 hill loops with me. It was almost .7 miles for the loop. I began my repeat with a .1 slight downhill. The next .1 was a slight uphill and the next .3 miles was a steep hill. I ran up this

Then the road curved left and took me up another little steep hill…

Then the road curved right and shot me up another steep hill…

Once I reached the top, I went into a recovery jog for about .17 miles down this steep downhill…

As I stated above, it is almost .7 mile (a little more than a 1/2 mile). The 1st 3 loops it took about 3 1/2 min of tempo pace and 1 min recovery (4 1/2 min total). The last 3 loops were about 4:45 minutes. My arms were sore from trying to drive up the hill, my legs felt like jello and I actually felt a little nauseous my last one. Call me weird but I like feeling that way during a hard workout. It was a total of 27 min of the hill repeats, with recovery time included in that. I ran a cool down of 25 min with about 15 min at a moderate pace (7:15 pace maybe) then slowed down the last 10 min once I got close to my car (I ran into Beth, Amber and Trish and ran with them the last 10 min). I ran a total of 1:10.06. I did my leg hops 2×50 (100 total on each leg), then drove down to South Valley Gym and spent 10 minutes there.

I did the Lat Pull Down machine (thanks Lily)… Same as yesterday. I did switch the weight to 50lbs instead of 60 because my arms were sore. 4×10 with it behind and 2×10 with me pulling the bar in front. (See the importance of leg hops and these weights I did today and yesterday on yesterday’s mile repeats work out…)

I moved to the pull-up machine next and did 2×10 pull-ups (with the weight on 60lbs… it helps to have the weights on for people like me that have no upper body strength).

I was home by 7, stretched a little…

Thanks Sarah… for this stretch! It has helped me a lot. And I’m probably doing it wrong. 🙂 Did a little core (about 100 sit-ups…) and then had to start the morning routine of getting kids, my husband and myself ready for school, work and whatever! I finished off my dress attire with compression socks and ice…

Good times and let the day begin!

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