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I Love My “Rest” Day!

January 19, 2014

I know I stated this before but I will say it again… As much as I love running, I love my rest days even more! I love knowing that I put in a good week and I am able to have a day that I don’t have to think about any form of exercise. I do not run, cross train, do core work or anything. Mentally I need this day once a week and physically my body needs it! Your body needs a break to be able to keep going! Anyway…

I slept in until a little after 7… The kids played quietly this morning and it was so nice! We eventually got up and got ready for church (it was Stake Conference so it started at 10). The girls were pretty good today… Always a bonus! Church was also good! The speakers did a great job at sharing their message. After we had 4 of our friends come over for lunch. We made breakfast burritos… These 4 are truly amazing women!!!

(Bad lighting on my part!) We had a great time. After we took a little nap and then had a few more friends over for dinner. The Fullmer’s and Barry & Melinda came for their birthdays… All 4 of their birthdays are this month…

After the little birthday celebration we began the bedtime routine. I laid in bed with my youngest until she fell asleep and then moved to my oldest’s bed…

It took her a while to fall asleep (partially my fault…). I love it that she still asks me to lay with her at night. She is my one child that is so independent!!! There are many times she does not want me around, so when she does ask me to lay with her I will stop what I’m doing to do it. The other 3 would have us lay with them every night if possible! Corom laid with our 3rd daughter until she fell asleep and then went to our 2nd…

Well it is almost my time to go to bed and Corom is still up there… Asleep! So I have been watching a Hal-Mark movie. 🙂

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