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My Day In The Car, Track, Scouts & More!

January 28, 2014

Let’s see.. After I drove to and from running this morning (20 to 25 min each way), I drove the girls and a few others to school. Then I headed up to my sisters (40 minutes away) to pick up my nephew to bring him back to our doctor (Fullmer in Payson) to check out his ears. His doctor was unable to get him in… Anyway… After driving to the pharmacy to get medicine, I had to pick up my preschooler and a couple of other kids for carpool, then my kindergartener and another couple of kids for carpool. After I fed all the kids lunch, my girls and nephew loaded up to head back to my sisters (where my mom is watching her kids). The school called and my oldest’s ears were hurting her, so I turned around and picked her up. I drove 40 min back to my sister’s house dropped my nephew off and took my oldest to Doctor Fullmer’s office. Yep… She didn’t have an earache. 🙂 Well I’m glad she didn’t have one…
Then we went straight to indoor track practice… My girls are in training:

I sent the kids on a 2 mile warmup run before they began their 1200 repeats. 🙂 We have a 1200 meter loop (3 laps around the track) across the street from the high school.

They ran them hard- mile to 2 mile race pace- the loop has little rolling hills that made it a little more challenging. They ran 4 that way and then the 5th was about 30 seconds slower. They had a 5 minute rest in between each 1200.

During their workout I drove my 2 older girls up to piano/violin practice.

After the high school kids were done with their workout, they went on a 2 mile cool down, did their strides and one legged hops. They did a great job today… Hard but good workout! Oh and in the middle of the workout I happened to turn around to catch my youngest using the restroom just right off the pathway… Thank goodness no one was around. That is something Corom taught them!

I picked my girls up from piano, dropped Z (our foreign exchange student) off at her friend’s, came home and hurried and made dinner, then Corom, the girls and I went to pack night (scouts)…

Corom stayed at his scouts and later I watched the bachelor with my friends. 🙂

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