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My Run & The HS Kids Run At Simplot Oh & Valentine’s Day…

February 14, 2014

We (high school kids, coaches) got up early and went to the meet at the Idaho Holt Arena for the 2nd day of the Simplot Games. We had a little while before our kids had a race…

So I went out for my run. There was a couple of others that joined me on my run… We went for 1:00.28 on a route that ended us on a trail. There were some pretty good climbs but I loved it.

I was hoping that this run would loosen up my legs but that didn’t happen. 🙂 They do feel a little better but are still achy. I loved the run though… Great trail!

At the meet all the kids were in a relay or 2 and ran an open event. They did well. And obviously some ran better than others but they were fun to watch. One of my runners PR’d by 3 seconds in the 800. It was so awesome to see his reaction when I told him his time!!!


We goofed off a lot in the stands in between races (a few kids tried to see how many grapes they could fit on their mouths).


I made myself an amazingly healthy and great sandwich out of a bagel, Doritos, Cheetos, and Sun Chips…


We met some Track Olympians and got their autographs…


And now we are back at the hotel… Swimming, eating pizza, having ping-pong wars and hanging out with the HS kids and my kids and husband! I am so glad they made it up!!!



We tired them out and sent them to bed…

We (Corom, coach Thompson & I) went outside our rooms and played candy Texas Holdem…

Well guess who won… Jack pot for me!

I do have a confession… Corom and I swapped a card and I had a straight. After I won all the candy I did bring out the truth. 🙂 We are dispersing it through all the kids on the bus.

The girls and Corom made Valentine pancakes this morning…

My 2nd child had fun in her class (and so did my oldest but Corom was unable to get a picture… He helped out in that class)…

This was what Corom brought me for Valentines… A monster teddy bear that my oldest is going to sleep on during our hotel stay…

We did bed checks at 10:30 and now I am finishing this up…

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  1. I love your adventurous life! Good luck at the track today with your team.

    • Well I am finally back from being gone for a while… sorry for not responding to your earlier comments! Thanks Sarah and I would like to arrange to run a Ragnar with you (and your husband) sometime soon!

      • That would be pretty awesome. Especially considering how fun your husband seemed to be during the entire event. He and Rock (my husband) have a lot in common.

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