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Kindy 500 & Wedding

March 7, 2014

We did 2 things today and that was it! My kindergartener’s Kindy 500 and my mother-in-law’s wedding.
The kindergartener’s started off with a parade of their box cars…


The kids were split into smaller groups (there were 3 different kindergarten classes). Another mom and I had 12 kids in our group (3 of them were mine :/). We went to different stations and each station had a different speaker…

And of course Corom was asked to be Abe Lincoln. He did so good!!!

Of course my 2 younger ones were put into time out after giving them 30 warnings…

After the Kindy… We met up with all of Corom’s family for lunch and hanging out.

Then we went to help/watch/hang out at the wedding…

It was a very nice ceremony! The Bishop that married them did a great job. Both Sarah (my mother-in-law) and her new husband, Gary had their spouses pass away. The bishop talked about their first marriages and tied it into theirs beautifully! They are happy and Gary’s kids are a lot if fun! Corom and I really like him and his family.

After the cleaning up was done, we returned back to my sister-in-laws (Yolanda’s) house and hung out there for a couple of hours. My kids were so grumpy by the time we left but at least they fell asleep within 5 minutes of putting them to bed. Oh…. I didn’t exercise at all today! :/

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  1. The Kindy 500 looks like fun and a bit crazy too! How wonderful for your mother-in-law. What a special day.

  2. ashley permalink

    Sarah looks so beautiful! I’m so happy for her. Looks like a very special ceremony & a fun party. The Hughes family is one of my favorites! Give her my love…

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