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Stroller Running, Track Meet

March 21, 2014

Today was an extremely hard run and for the 1st 20 minutes of my run was either a gradual up hill or steep up hill. There were a few times I would have to take 1 or 2 steps of walking just to get back into the groove. I love hills but running hills with this bad boy…

… Was HARD. The weight total on that stroller was 205 lbs. 160 lbs of kid weight and 45 lbs of stroller weight. I thought that going down hill would be nice and easy but both back tires were completely flat so it wasn’t that nice and it wasn’t that easy…

They were flat before I started but I figured it wouldn’t be that hard and I HAD to get a run in. Oh… Within the 1st 2 minutes I wanted to stop and go home. But because of my obsessiveness of running I did run for a total time of 47:56.22. Here in our city there are no flat routes (unless I wanted to run on a busy road)… My arms and legs were burning. So I don’t know how far I ran but it was a great workout and I was tired.
My 2 older daughters went to a birthday party and my 2 younger ones hung out with me at the house (there is no school today).
In the early afternoon I headed off to a track meet. It is an all relay meet for running and field events. It is a fun meet to watch and we (the kids and coaches) have a good time there. Here are a few pictures of the meet…



We also barbecued there… The coaches had steak, skewered vegetables and a baked potato… It was a good dinner! Thanks to the kids that cooked it up for us!

I came home to a very clean house and kids in bed… The babysitter did great today. I was pleasantly surprised!
I talked with Corom and he is having a great time at Youth Conference with the youth in our ward/church- it is a weekend filled with fun, emotional and spiritual growth, friendship building, etc. I’m glad he is having a good time but I can’t wait to see him!

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  1. Whoa that is some stroller! Your dinner from this kids looks awesome. I need breakfast!

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