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Running, Kids, Track & Family Night…

April 21, 2014

I went out on a 8.7 mile run this morning with Amber, Aubrey and Mac. It was a nice, easy run… Which was nice because I was tired this morning! I ran it in 1:11.42… About an 8:10-8:15 pace. I did a lot of thinking today while the other 3 talked. I was in my own little world… Thinking about the Boston marathon and many of my friends that were running it. They all did really well. One of my friends went out to try to qualify for the Olympic Trials and missed it by 27 seconds. She ran well but I was still bummed for her!
I helped out in my 2nd daughter’s kindergarten class today.

As I have stated before… I help out with their testing every other Monday… My mother-in-law and I switch off. I enjoy doing it to be more involved and to see where my kids are at in school. At home I had 8 extra kids all below the age of 6 playing here… And then I headed off for track practice.

The distance runners went off on a 5-6 mile easy run. Their legs are pretty shot from this past week. They have a race tomorrow and a pretty big race this weekend.

After dinner we had a short Family Home Evening. The lesson was on respecting each other and our belongings! Our girls have a huge problem with that… We had a fun bike ride planned for tonight’s family activity but that was taken away. We ended the family “lesson” and sent them up to their rooms to clean. As I’m writing this, the girls are upstairs fighting over things being stolen from each other. A lot of hitting, name calling, and yelling has been going on. It makes me wonder if they get anything we are trying to teach them!
I received some race bands for Grandma’s marathon (Duluth, Minnesota) in the mail today and my 3rd child got into the envelope…

Every single race/wrist band was connected (she tore the cover off the sticky part and connected it). Very frustrating! What do you do? :/ Oh well… This is a daily occurrence that happens… Just it is something different every day. But I do love my kids!
Right before we put the girls to bed, we helped our preschooler (3rd child) with her box car for her class…

Now it is time for us to get ready for bed.

Yep… Love my kids- no matter how the day goes…

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  1. I love how you put it like it is oh just 8 extra kids šŸ™‚ I wouldn’t mind either but I think some people would be in over their heads!

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