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Running, Track & Family Night…

April 28, 2014

Rachelle and I went out for our morning run. It was an easy day today. We headed out (around the Dairy Loop) and about 2 to 3 miles into our run it began to hail. Oh… Those little ice pellets hurt our faces! It was a little fun though. We finished off with 9.3 miles at a 7:25 minute mile pace (1:09 or something like that). I did finish off with 4 strides. I felt good today.
I cleaned the girl’s rooms all morning and all day! What a chore.
At track the high school kids went on a mile warmup and then we began a ladder workout.

They started off with an 800, 600, 400, 300, 200, 400, 300, 200… These were all at their 800 to mile race pace with a 3-5 minute recovery. They were tired. The reason you do a ladder workout in track is because you are shocking your body for the different races and speeds you do in track. Very rarely do you get a runner who only focuses on 1 race. So each interval was at a different pace either their mile race pace, 800 race pace and even 400 race pace. It is a great way to teach your body mentally and physically to race at different speeds for that particular event… For example, we have a distance runner that is good at all 3 events; the 800, mile and 2 mile. He will race all 3 events in one day. They are obviously ran at all different speeds/paces… Hence the ladder workout. Anyway… After that workout they ran a 15 minute cool down.
We had family night tonight…

Our lesson was on being clean… Keeping our rooms clean, the play room, bathrooms, etc… We also went over chores again. As parents, Corom and I realized we have been to relaxed on making our girls work and clean. I will tell them to do it and when they don’t, I clean it myself… Horrible habit to get into!!! We are changing things around and will have to start taking things away until they learn to do things. 🙂 So today, I cleaned their rooms spotless (sounds kind of funny after this little lecture of mine)… But come tomorrow their rooms better look the same!!!
Well have a great night…

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