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Our Trip To California-Beach Camping

June 1, 2014

Well… I slept in until 7. My kids actually slept that late. It was nice! It was a little chaotic this morning though… The girls last night turned the last milk gallon in our fridge into chocolate milk (while Corom and I were at the movies). Yeah, I was not too happy about that because now the girls had cereal with chocolate milk as their milk. At church, they were all riled up! It was a little frustrating… Especially with my youngest. Z did bear her testimony and it was very sweet! My 2nd daughter went up with her and bore hers too. Church was good. We did take off for California, beach camping today around 3.


We followed our friends, the Fullmer’s, pulling the trailer full of our camping stuff up until Cedar City… That is where we heard “the Flapping” noise…

The tables turned… They followed us another 2 1/2 hours to Vegas. We drove quit a bit slower… Hoping we could make it without the tire getting worse or blowing but prepared if the tire did blow. Well we made it to Vegas to our cousin’s house. Yeah… It was immediate loudness and excitement (from our girls) and it was a nightmare trying to settle them down for bed.


Too much sometimes… 😉 It was fun hanging out with the family and friends.

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