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A Day Of Beach Camping

June 3, 2014

My youngest got up at 5:30 a.m. To go to the potty… She went back to sleep and I decided to go for my morning run. I ran all around the campsites, around the beaches and on the sand, in the trails around here (but not to far because I am kind of a chicken running by myself on trails), and on the highway. I was able to go for 1:25.08. I wanted to get 12 miles in so I know I was pretty close to that. It was an amazing run! I took it easy this morning. When I got back we began the process of the breakfast cooking…

We had so much fun at the beach today! We had the “men” harpooning fish for our dinner, the girls looking for crabs and sea creatures, making sand mermaids, jumping in the waves, climbing the rocks and hanging out with our cousins (they live about 20 minutes away).



My oldest was being attacked by the seagulls at one point because she laid down with a sandwich in her hand…

(I videoed it but I can’t download it)… We had a blast riding the bikes, long board (Corom’s snowboard turned into a long board) and scooter around the campsites…

Then the girls decided to sell seashells and little pieces of firewood in front of our campsite… Yeah… That’s a real seller. Seashells that everyone else found on the beach today and little pieces of wood that is lying around every where. They were sitting out there for quit some time. We met some of our neighboring campers, gave them $5 and asked if they would come over and buy them out. 😉

We did the S’more thing and of course the campfire stories…

Another late night with the girls but it was a fun day.

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