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On Our Way Home

June 5, 2014

This morning I woke up and went for a quick 38:36.04 minute run. In my tapering schedule, I was supposed to run a 5 mile recovery run. So I know I was close to that distance. It was good to have a short run today because packing up camp seems to take forever…

Oh… The picture on the bottom right is part of a prank we pulled on a neighboring campsite for another neighboring campsite. A little confusing but it was funny. We freaked them out (Mike and Corom snuck into their campsite late at night put that right in front of their tent door). They didn’t know us and we obviously didn’t know them. We got to know the people we helped out and yeah… Anyway, my girls were being entertained by the older kids…

and Corom snuck off to go take his shower…

This beach camping area does have warm showers for the campers but as you can see… We are to cheap to spend the money for a warm shower. 🙂 Well it was off for our long trip home… The first hour into our drive we ended up in traffic. It was noon California time and it was stop and go. I miss living in California until I come out and visit and have to hop on the freeways. :/

We stopped in Bakersfield to get gas and it was 103 out. Oh it was a heat wave. It was nice to get in our cool air-conditioned van and continue on to our next stop (a town outside of Vegas)… Well of course our overheat sign pops up in the car. Down comes the windows and on comes the heater. Holy hot!!! My kids, Z (our Foriegn exchange student), her friend from Ukraine, Corom and I were all sweating and miserable! The problem was the climb from Bakers to Las Vegas. Our car wasn’t doing to well with the air on and climbing the long, steep hills. Well, we probably shed a few pounds, so that was a bonus. We almost always stop off in Beaver, Utah to get a Blizzard from DQ. All the kids were sleeping but our oldest (and the Fullmer’s kids were awake)… I felt a little bad because she got into trouble a little earlier and lost her “treat” privilege. Corom and I shared a blizzard and she wasn’t able to have any. :/ Hopefully next time…


Well we are an hour away from home and my bum is hurting from sitting all day! It was a fun trip and is always hard to come home to “life”. I do have say my kids and Z and her friend did amazing with the drive. We don’t have a T.V. In the car or any video games, etc. They entertain each other and themselves. They did bring a few books to read but other than that they figured out how to keep themselves busy. I do have good kids with a huge imagination. It was a fun trip… We all had a great time.

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