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Nestle 5k Race… Very Humbling!

June 7, 2014

We (Corom, the girls and I) woke up early and went to the Nestle 5k run.

I ran a 19 minute warmup (about 2 1/2 miles). It felt good. Then we began the 3.1 mile race. Oh my goodness… I have not ran a 5k race since last summer! People fly in this distance! There were a couple of college girls that I knew would be ahead of me… The one person that came out of nowhere-and this is very humbling, a little embarrassing and me being a coach, a little exciting-was seeing this little girl in front if me. Right from the beginning she took off… I kept thinking she was going to run out of energy… Oh no, she kept going and running strong. I was running 5:59 minute miles and she was obviously going faster. The 1st mile and 1/2 was a gradual uphill and then a quarter of it was steep. I love up hills and I began to gain on her… Until we began the descent down. Yep… Not going to happen. After the race, which I ran a 18:35 or 36 (5:59-6 minute pace), I met up with the young lady…

I found out she is 10 years old!!! She came in 2nd… Yeah I was very humbled. My excuse to everyone is that I am training for a marathon now. 😉 I did go on a 31 minute run afterwards… A good chunk of the run was with my other fellow Runner’s Corner teammates. They are all very talented runners and work hard at it.

The other part of my run was running back to Corom and Mike as they were pushing the stroller and helping them out. I love that the girls love to do these races. I need to get them running the 5ks now!

20140607-191553-69353277.jpg I also saw a few of the kids I coach at the high school at this race. They raced well!!! I didn’t stay for awards because I took my oldest to an activity for Activity Days for the 8-11 year olds. While she was there I went out for another 44:12.39; 6 1/2 miles. I ran a total of 1:55 +/- about 16 +/- miles. My legs are tired. Corom, Mike and the 3 younger girls stayed for the raffle of prizes they do. Yeah… We didn’t win anything. 😦 My oldest had a lot of fun at her activity…

At home, I mowed the lawn and Corom fixed all of our sprinklers. Our older dog, Harley (an English Mastiff) for some reason started to chew up all the sprinkler heads when the sprinklers are going. She goes nutty on them.

The girls had a few friends over today and they played outside the entire time. After the girls went to bed, some friends came over and we watched a movie.

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