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Grandma’s Marathon Expo

June 20, 2014

Well Corom and I slept in one of the dorm rooms last night. We got in late (went to bed around 12:30 a.m.) and the beds looked very nice. 😉

I did go on a 12:37.05 shakeout run. The 1st 8-9 minutes, my legs were tight and I felt lousy! I thought… Oh great! I’m racing tomorrow, my legs can’t be tight. I said many prayers in my head. After 9 minutes, my legs did loosen up a little and so I decided to stop running. Leave off on a good note, right! Corom and I then went to the expo…

There were tons of people. It was a great sight. I went up to the “elite” room and Corom and I enjoyed all the food… We went on the tour bus to see the course and I ended up running into Amber Greene. It was great seeing her… She lives in Utah just 3 1/2 hours away from where I live. She is a phenomenal runner. She ran Boston marathon and missed qualifying for the Olympic Trials by 30 sec! 😦 She is here today to try for the same goal.

We enjoyed hearing Richard Beardsley give a motivational speech. Very entertaining!

Then Corom, Amber and I went and enjoyed the spaghetti dinner. The “elite” athletes received a complimentary dinner (which I still feel very inadequate for an elite pass)! Corom of course talked his way into a free dinner… And it was a guy, he wasn’t flirting his way through. Very impressive. 🙂 We came back to our dorm room, I got everything ready for tomorrow, relaxed a little and now I’m going to try to get to bed early. Now on to what my kids are up to…

My sister took them for a bike ride and they played at the lake. My sister is a saint! I guess at dinner there were 4 spills (all from my kids).

20140620-191457-69297167.jpg Nope… 5, as I was typing my sister sent me this picture with #5…

Pretty funny! (For me.) Looking at the weather for tomorrow… Flood watch until 5 a.m., 48 degrees at the 7:30 start time. A little wind (hopefully in our favor) and 75% humidity. Oh, tomorrow is almost here. I have so many mixed emotions and thoughts. I am grateful Corom is here with me! I just need to go into this race and run on feel and not the pressure of time!!! Because throughout the day, I have been feeling very inadequate and then I would feel very confident… I guess I will see what tomorrow brings! Cross your fingers and say a prayer that everything comes together! Good night from me and the kids…


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  1. Toby permalink

    You got this Jen! I’m totally rooting for you!

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