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Running, Boat Regatta, Going Out…

August 5, 2014

So… I got up before the roosters got up this morning. Corom had to leave for work by 5:50 a.m. Ahhhhh… 4:45 a.m. my alarm went off. By the time, I got out the door I was able to get a 43:08.80 minute run in. It was sooo slow! My legs would not move. I was tired and my body was achy! But I was so glad I got out for a run. The girls and I went to cross country practice.

20140805-213044-77444683.jpg They went on a 9 mile run. I was impressed because 90% of the team ran the full route. Later this morning, the girls went to piano/violin lessons and I babysat a few extra kids. Our real estate guy, Jay Terpenine, came over and went over our house. Oh I have a lot to do to get our house ready. :/ Later today as I was packing up a lot of stuff (to make our house more presentable), I get a knock on my door… Yep… My oldest called 911. This is now twice that my kids have done this this year. :/

20140805-220654-79614731.jpg This evening I took the girls to the pond here for the boat regatta. It consisted of cardboard and duct tape and trying to get around the pond. Pretty exciting! (I went to sign up but I was too late… But I did it today… My bad.) My good friend, Stefanie, signed her boys up. It was fun to watch.

20140805-232429-84269881.jpg The girls played at the play ground for awhile…

20140805-232455-84295254.jpg… And then my friends Camille and stefanie took me out for shakes for my birthday. 🙂

20140805-232643-84403509.jpg We came back and watched Bachelor in Paradise… Yeah I just admitted to watching the show. 😉

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  1. Happy birthday!

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