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Trail Running W/ The HS Team & Under Contract…

August 8, 2014

Thursday: I began my day with a 1:02.23 minute run with Beth. We ran about 8.2-8.3 miles and I felt good (after the 1st 2 miles). At home we cleaned… A lot!!!

IMG_0700.JPG We are listing our house on the MLS site tonight, so we are going to town on our house. By 6 p.m. our house was for sale. :/ I don’t know what we are doing but hopefully it’s the right thing. The girls hung out with grandma (g-goat) all afternoon and into the evening…

IMG_0807.JPG They had fun! Corom and I went on a trail run with the high school cross country team. Before we left, Corom found our daughter’ (3rd child’s) missing shoe…

IMG_0705.JPG We went up to Sundance Resort and ran to Stewart Falls.


IMG_0804.JPG It was 1.54 miles up and obviously 1.54 back down. It was an amazing run… Very beautiful!

IMG_0805.JPG Majority of the kids went through the waterfall… I was not one of those! I do not like jumping into cold water! We had a great time.

IMG_0802.JPG As tradition… We went and grabbed shakes at a little malt shop.

IMG_0806.JPG Yes we got a lot of stares… (The guy holding Corom’s hand is the other coach)…


Friday: There are a few people coming over this morning and afternoon to come look at our house… So my morning run and cross country practice were out. :/ We worked on our yard! I then left the house with the girls and went for a walk run with a few neighbors. We headed over to Christensen’s loop… My girls ran, walked and played around while I ran 5 loops.

IMG_0809.JPG Take the walking to and from Christensen’s loop out and I ran for a total time of 28:47.30. Not much but it was something. We stayed away from the home as much as possible today but still had neighbor kids over when we were home. By 2:30 p.m…. Our realtor called and said, one of the people made an offer on our home. :/ This is happening way too fast!!! They offered the entire amount and closing costs. They want to eliminate all biding wars… I can’t believe this is happening. So by 7 tonight… We signed and are under contract. Less than 24 hours our house goes into contract! We had a wedding dinner (the groom’s dinner for the families to meet) for our cousin. We had a good time there but our kids were not behaving the best coming home! I think they were just so hyper and excited from playing with their cousins.

IMG_0810.JPG It is late now, there is a 5k race in the morning… So I need to go to bed. I’m feeling a little lousy, overwhelmed, emotionally & physically exhausted. Good night and until tomorrow…

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  1. That is incredible about your house! So fast but so exciting. Congrats! We are in the car on a road trip and I just read this to Rock. He thinks this is so awesome!

    • Thanks Sarah! I’m a little nervous about the while thing but I guess it is meant to be. How’s your running coming along? Feeling good?

      • Natural to be nervous but so cool. We are so excited for you and your family. Running is going well and back to about 50 miles per week but due to the month and a half off and the fact that I am now coaching 140 runners (I cannot believe this!) I am running a lot slower than I used to. It is slightly frustrating but I am okay with this and realized that a fall marathon and BQ this year isn’t in the cards. Once my foot is fully healed I will tackle speed again but until then it is nice just to be running again and feel like I am getting back into shape. My goal right now is to be ready to run Chicago in the fall and help all my athletes to cross the finish.

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