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September 18, 2014

Wednesday: This morning’s run was not the best! I was tired because I went to bed a little after midnight… My bad. It was supposed to be a nice feel-good 7 mile run… But it wasn’t. I hurt this morning. I just need more sleep! The girls were off to school… My youngest and I also hung out at the school for most the morning for PTO stuff. The 2 older girls had piano/violin lessons and my 2 younger girls went to their friend’s house. No kids for an hour… I got lots of organizing done. 🙂 For CC practice… The HS kids went on a 10 mile run.

IMG_2216.JPG They did well! I was able to get away for a little over an hour to go to dinner with a few friends. It was very nice!

IMG_2215.JPG Sorry ladies… You didn’t want your picture taken so this is what I got! 😉 I then went home, rounded up the girls and took them to my oldest’s soccer game.

IMG_2213.JPG It was fun to watch… My daughter liked chasing the butterflies more than the ball. 🙂 My other daughter was great at entertaining the other kids around.

IMG_2214.JPG They went right to bed when we came home… Always nice!

Thursday: Oh the dreaded speed workout!!! We ran a 3 mile warmup and finished off with a 2 1/2 mile cool down. In between was not so fun for me and it doesn’t even sound that bad! I did the Yasso 800’s… So I had to run my 800’s at my goal marathon time (2:40-2:43). Today, I only had to do 4, next week 5, and so on until I reach 10 800’s at the 2:40-2:43 time. I went into it thinking how bad can 4 800’s be… Oh my gosh!!! I was so tired and my legs were jello. My 1st one was a 2:41. I ran a recovery lap and ran the 2nd one in 2:45. 😦 I decided to jog 2 laps as a recovery so my 3rd one was a 2:43 with a 2 lap recovery leading into my 4th at a 2:41. I felt like I wanted to throw up! What is sad was I kept thinking of the weeks to come! How can I add on another 800 each week. Ugh! But, I am going to do it every week until I hit 10 (2 weeks before the marathon). I ran a little over 9 miles today. I then hurried home… I had to get ready before I watched 5 extra kids today. Everyone needed help with their kids on the same day, so that worked out well. Corom ran a long run with Mike (I’m grateful Corom is getting in 1 run a week before our marathon in 2 weeks). 🙂 But that’s how Corom trains… I was able to do my normal packing/organizing routine in between helping the kids today. Then it was time to meet up at the elementary school for a few of the classes 20 minutes of walking/running (for their 1/2 marathon-marathon) challenge. The HS kids came towards the end to finish off with them…

IMG_2212.JPG The HS kids then continued on their run of a 6 mile easy day. We had our fundraiser of selling peaches come in… So that took a little while after practice to hand out all the boxes of peaches to the runners. Good times! After dinner we went to our 3 younger daughter’s soccer games…

IMG_2203.JPG… Then at home, the 6 of us practiced some soccer drills.

IMG_2211.JPG We (Corom and I) need to do that more often with our girls. I know it will help them out and boost their confidence. As soon as we were done with the drills… It was straight to bed. Good night!

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