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A Lot Going On…

October 7, 2014

Monday: I met up with Rachelle and we went for a 52 minute run. I was not sore at all but my legs were fatigued. I was very relieved to be able to get out and run the Monday after a marathon!


IMG_2798.JPG… Just received some pictures of my marathon. I babysat my neighbors kids, sent my kids off to school, went to a PTO meeting, finished babysitting kids, dropped my kids off a the neighbors, worked at the Clarion…

IMG_2799.JPG… Headed to cross country, sent the HS kids on a 6 mile moderate run and while they were on a run, I took the girls into the HS to look at the decorated halls for Homecoming.

IMG_2800.JPG The Barney’s came over for dinner and family night… We attempted to make caramel apples (I kind of burnt the white chocolate… Not used to the electric stove :/).


Tuesday: Rachelle and I met up again for a run. We went out for a 7.1 mile run in 53:58. It felt good today. I babysat again from 7-12:15… I stayed at the school for a little while after it started (the half marathon-marathon challenge stuff). I was able to work for a good hour on unpacking (the 1st time since we have been home from St. George). I held the baby for a while… He’s so cute and needs a little more attention than most newborns (my oldest was like that). I picked up the kids from preschool and kindergarten, finished babysitting, then went VT (visiting teaching) to 4 different ladies. Then it was off to cross country (after I picked up the 2 older girls)… It was a speed day…

IMG_2802.JPG We had dinner, I coached my 3rd daughters soccer game (she made a goal)…

IMG_2803.JPG…then we hurried off to my 2nd daughter’s soccer game…

IMG_2805.JPG When she was done with her game, we all went to YW’s for our activity. Corom finished his Bishopric meeting and took the girls out for ice cream (I told the girls that if any of them were to make a goal we could all go out for ice cream). At our activity, we (well the girls) had to do everything with their toes. Make sandwiches, write letters, comb hair, set a table, put on makeup, etc.

IMG_2806.JPG At home, we decorated our new house with the little amount of decorations we have and then I had ladies night (and Corom) at my house… We watched the movie, Blended. So funny!

IMG_2807.JPG Late night!!! But worth it!

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  1. Awesome post! Thanks for the motivation!!

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