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Spain And The UK

November 12, 2014

Tuesday: I was tired this morning when my alarm went off (at 6 a.m.)… The time change is so hard! I went up to the wonderful treadmill again because of how dark it was outside. I did run for 80 minutes on the treadmill and then another 16 minutes outside along the beach. Ignore the miles on the treadmill (for yesterday and today). I wish I could run 16.2 in 80 minutes… Obviously I didn’t go off mileage… Running outside felt great!

IMG_4461-3.JPG At the hotel room, we packed up, then drove to the beach (more for picture purposes).

IMG_4466-1.JPG We headed out for breakfast (more pastries :)) and then to the airport. Missy had to get her suitcase wrapped for who knows what reason. 🙂 Her luggage was ripped in the corner… Trina had the pat down in the airport. We could not stop laughing (I had to hide taking a picture because I guess you are not aloud to take pictures of the security). I found out after the pic. 🙂

IMG_4463.JPG We had a fun time in Italy… A whole whopping 6 hours in the airport! 🙂 But we really did have fun. We laughed a lot over nothing!

IMG_4498.JPG Our 2 flights were amazing… The one from Greece to Italy we all had our own seats…

IMG_4501.JPG There was a little incident where a young man was acting a little weird walking through the security (he cut in line in front of us; just seemed nervous, antsy… Etc. I didn’t think anything of it but I noticed it. As we were lining up to board the plane, he once again cut in line and happened to cut right in front of us again. We (my sisters and mom) were laughing and joking about it… Once the guy got to the lady they checked his boarding pass and ID and told him to step aside… 2 of the airport police were there and took over. It could have been a random search or it could have been something more serious… None of us saw the guy get on the plane. :/ who knows… Our flight from Italy to Spain was very entertaining! Trina, my mom and I all were able to sit in aisle seats right next to each other. All the people we say with were very interesting. For some reason, we could not stop laughing at every movement our “seat mates” would make. Trina had a guy that sneezed at least 30-40 times on that flight. I had a mom and daughter next to me fighting over the same guy and the 3 girls behind us didn’t like us to well (maybe it was because Trina took a picture of them)… And they were being a little frisky with each other back there (if you know what I mean). Anyway… The flight was a little entertaining!

IMG_4502.JPG We went out to get our rental car and before we made it out of the parking lot, the check oil light came on, the car was not driving very smooth and we found out that our head lights didn’t work. So we had to trade the car out for another. We drove to our hotel here in Spain (after we got lost for a good 30 minutes)… Beautiful hotel!

IMG_4526.JPG We stayed up late talking and I went to bed around 1 a.m. and the others stayed up a lot later!!!

Wednesday: I woke up a little later then I wanted but I was so tired. It was good though because I wanted to wait until it was light out to go for my run. I only had an hour to run so I had to shorten my workout. :/ I ran a 10 minute warmup and then began a speed. 20 x 1 minute fast, 1 minute recovery with a 10 minute cool down. (100:08 total time.) It was a beautiful run… Amazing!!!


IMG_4528.JPG I ran past a lighthouse and along the shoreline. Loved this run. It was a peaceful morning and I had a lot of time to think. Once we were ready we headed off to Gibraltar, Spain. We crossed the border into the UK but before that we stopped off at Mcdonalds (I know… Right)!

IMG_4642.JPG We paid for a tour in the UK… A very sketchy road but our tour guide was really good!

IMG_4637.JPG Our 1st stop we went to a lookout and as we were standing in the UK, we were able to see Spain and Africa.

IMG_4660.JPG Our 2nd stop was to the St. Michael’s caves. In WW2 the soldiers would hide/fight in these caves.

IMG_4683.JPG Our 3rd stop was with the monkeys!!! It was so fun. A monkey surprised me and jumped on my head…

IMG_4692.JPG We were all able to hold the monkeys… (My girls… I will have to bring you here so you can hold the monkeys!!!)

IMG_4685.JPG One of the monkeys took off with my mom’s hat. It was so funny trying to get the hat back… Which we did get it eventually.


IMG_4684.JPG Our last stop was to another cave…

IMG_4659.JPG This cave was also used during WW2 for the soldiers to hide/fight in. It was really neat to walk through…

IMG_4688.JPG The view was amazing but a little scary driving up the “Rock”…

IMG_4689.JPG Once we finished the tour (thanks dad for recommending the tour), we ate fish and walked around for a little while before heading back to Spain (the Bobby-police officer, let us take a picture of him).

IMG_4690.JPG As we were in one of the shops in the UK, we ran into a couple of ladies that helped us at the airport in France. My older sister (Trina) had a screw up with her plane ticket going to Greece. These 2 ladies let my sister go before them (our flight was leaving very soon)… They also had everyone else let her cut through. Very nice ladies…

IMG_4674.JPG Very random that we were to run into them!!! We eventually left and headed to my sister’s house in Chipiona, Spain. It was so good to see her kids and husband!!! So dang cute (her kids and you too Steve. :)). It was fun hanging out and Steve made a delicious pumpkin soup for us!


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